Burke Campus

 Monday–Friday, 6:30 a.m.– 6:30 p.m.

6215 Roberts Parkway
Burke, VA 22015-2575
Call: (703) 239-0875

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Director: Rhiannon Criscuolo  

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The Burke campus of the Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning offers a wide range of learning programs specifically designed for children ages 6 weeks through the age of 12.

Why Choose Us?

Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning was established in 1973 and has grown to 6 thriving campuses located throughout northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Ashburn, Burke, Landsdowne, Lincolnia and Lorton.   Our newest campus, located in Ashburn, opened in 2016.  We are licensed by the State of Virginia, and exceed the Child Care requirements set forth by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Children enrolled in a Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning campus receive individualized attention to ensure learning, development and growth is achieved through play-based learning in a warm, nurturing center supported by a loving, caring staff.

Complete Learning Experience

The caring staff at Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning – Burke Campus offers the best in early learning opportunities. Our daily programs include computer education, Spanish, and sign language. In addition to daily our programs, we offer monthly activities such as cooking, music and science workshops

More Than Just a Day Care

Much more than just basic child care services, we are focused on the educational development of the children. Whether your child is here for infant care or our preschool programs, our professional, dedicated and enthusiastic staff focus on preparing each child for the journey to elementary school and beyond, helping to build the skills needed for a successful life.

With ongoing training for each teacher, we ensure that we meet the highest standards for both early childhood education and child care services.

Burke Campus Programs:

Infant & Toddler Program

Two-Year-Old Program


Three-Year-Old Program

Four-Year-Old Program

Before and After School Care

Summer Camps

Infant/Toddler Care

Get a head start on your child’s learning with the infant and toddler care programs at Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning. Our early learning center offers specialized programs to enhance the educational development of your children.

In our infant and toddler care programs, a specific Primary Care Team is assigned to each child and is responsible for his or her daily care and education.

Parents receive daily communication about their child’s activities, including meals, naps, diaper changes, and how their child’s overall day went. A variety of activities are scheduled throughout the day, depending on the age of the child. These activities take place one-one-one, or in small groups and include:

  • Music
  • Story Time
  • Games
  • Basic Sign Language
  • Creative Play
  • Art

Two-Year-Old Program

For our two-year-old program, we focus on stimulating language, creativity, cognitive and emotional learning,  social, and physical growth. A day-to-day schedule and weekly plan is created and shared with parents for these six areas.

Each day your child experiences creative play, story time, art, language development, music and movement along with other activities designed to promote all areas of development. Parents receive a daily report that outlines daily and creative activities, toilet progress, and disposition.

Three-Year-Old Program

The core of our three-year-old program is to develop language and concept skills using hands-on activities that provide explanation of concepts such as classifications,  spatial relationships, and numbers. Children listen to stories, re-telling of events, and watch dramatic plays with puppets, props, and music. A copy of the lesson plan containing weekly themes is sent home each week.

Features of our Three Year Old Program

  •        Math
  •        Circle Time
  •        Spanish
  •        Table Manners
  •        Music and Movement
  •        Outside Play
  •        Computers
  •        Group Time


Our Burke Campus Montessori program is designed to assist young children develop the fullness of their individual potential in a warm and nurturing environment. 

This program allows children to learn at their own pace, ensuring the students become confident learners in an environment where they are unafraid to challenge themselves. This experience lays a strong foundation for the students’ future academic years as they transition into public or private schools.

Our Montessori Program offers:

    • Safe and Secure Environment
    • Trained, Experienced Teachers
    • Well Equipped Classrooms with specialized Montessori materials
    • Creative Playgrounds
    • Learning Centers, Story Time, Interactive Play
    • Independent, self-directed learning and self assessment
    • Mixed age groups of students
  • Opportunities for parental involvement


Sensory Education

Students learn through the senses by sorting, matching and comparing objects by shape, touch, taste and sound.


By using number rods, golden beads and spindle boxes, students learn to understand and express mathematical terms.

Cultural Studies

Through the clever use of globes, puzzle maps and flags, Montessori students study and understand other cultures, people and countries. Elements of the natural world are also taught through pictures and the use of Three Part Cards.

Creative Arts

Music, arts, storytelling, movement and drama activities are an integral part of the Montessori classroom.

Literacy Skills

Students learn literacy skills through the use of materials like Sandpaper Letters, Sound Cylinders and Moveable Alphabet to form letters and words.

Practical Life

Children are taught special skills to be independent, capable and self-reliant.

Montessori Principles

    • Freedom of choice with responsibility
    • Foster independence and self motivation
    • Developing character and positive self image
    • Instructive materials
  • Respect for all life and diversity

Four-Year-Old Program

In this program, your four-year-old child explores concepts in reading, math, science, technology and engineering, as we continue to improve language and physical development. This hands-on approach to learning new skills is introduced through daily stories and games that teach your child mathematic concepts, the alphabet, and phonic awareness.

Your child also gets to participate in field trips in the community. These trips enhance your child’s enjoyment of our weekly themes. We send parent communication reports home each week so you stay updated on your child’s development.

Features of our Four Year Old Program

  • Literacy
  • Table Manners
  • Language
  • Music & Movement
  • Weekly Theme
  • Outside Play
  • Monthly Field Trips

 Before and After School Care

The Burke Campus Before and After School program services the following Fairfax County Schools: Bonnie Brae Elementary, Terra Centre Elementary and Fairview Elementary Schools

The morning session consists of quiet activities such as reading, table toys and games, followed by a healthy breakfast.  Time is scheduled for the children to organize their school materials, as well as themselves, prior to their departure to class.  The afternoon begins with a snack and outdoor playtime.  A supervised homework time follows.  Arts and crafts projects, games, cooking activities, and organized club time round out the afternoon.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp begins at the conclusion of the school year and continues through the end of August. Each week includes recreational and outdoor activities with rewarding learning, discovery, and play experiences. We also plan weekly field trips to local and regional points of interest. In addition, local music groups and magic workshops visit us for special events.

Sign Language Program

From the moment babies start communicating, we incorporate a sign language program enabling infants and toddlers as young as six-eight months to communicate before they speak. Infants aged 6-24 months are introduced to basic signing daily during every day routine and continuously throughout the year. Signing accelerates early learning and reduces frustration for children and adults alike. It also promotes high IQ by reinforcing memory and creative skills.

Spanish Language

The second most widely spoken language in the United States is Spanish. Being exposed to a second language can be a benefit to your child as he or she grows.  Give your child a great start at Northern Virginia Academy with our Spanish Language program.  Spanish vocabulary is learned through songs, games and dance.

No matter what your child’s age or interest, we have a program designed for them. Contact us to learn more.