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NOVA Early Learning is hiring terrific teachers and staff in the communities we serve (Burke, Alexandria, Ashburn, and Lorton) We are looking for dedicated childcare professionals ready to make a difference in a child’s life. Contact us today.

Parent Referral Program

We love referrals!   Current families and earn tuition credit by referring a friend to our schools.*  Certain conditions apply.  Please see your director for details.

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Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning has 6 locations in the Northern Virginia area to serve you.  We are currently taking Fall 2019 Enrollment Registrations.  Offering infant through school age care (Ashburn and Burke locations) as well as Summer Camp.   For more information, please email:

What our Parents are saying….

Kecia and staff,

I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for making the last school year an absolute blast! Our daughter progressed so fast that she now writes, counts and reads with confidence! Thank you for creating a nurturing and safe environment where kids feel like kids at the same time given the essential building blocks to ensure that they are successful in whichever program they continue to. I also would like to specially mention Ms. Yolanda who lovingly prepares the kid’s meals; Ms. Midalia who is always helpful; Ms. Carmenia who made summer camp super fun and cool; Ms. Sharon and Ms. Carmelita whom she found her second niche and Ms. Sebina who is so kind and of course Ms. Senait who really nurtured her, patiently worked with her and yet lovingly oriented her to school do’s and don’ts. Again THANK YOU for having such a great team of teachers who love what they do and it shows and the kids know and feel it. We will always cherish having started with Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning, Lincolnia Campus.

-Ibay-Williams Family

Part Time Toddler Program

Attention Toddler (16-24 months) Parents!

Northern Virginia Academy locations in Lorton and Ashburn  are offering a 3-day a week Toddler Program, in addition to our existing full time programs.  Enroll now for fall.    Join the fun!!   Please contact us for additional information. and





What our parents are saying…..

“Thank you for running an excellent school.  My boys are always well cared for and also set up for long term educational success by the great team that has been built at the school.  I try to let the Directors know how much my wife and I appreciate their hard work and dedication, but we wanted to reach out and say thank you to you as well.”

“Let me just say again, how happy we are with Northern Virginia Academy! It really is peace of mind knowing that she is so well cared for, loves being there, and is always happy when we drop her off and pick her up! Thank you so much for all you are doing!”
-Landowne I Infant Parent
“Northern Virginia Academy:  Our daughter has grown so much this past year.  The love, attention and genuine interest shown has meant so much to our family.  Ms. Jessi and the Older 4’s assistants especially have our gratitude and thanks.”
–parent at Landsdowne

“I want to personally thank the Directors for taking the time over the past year to acclimate me to your center and carefully listening and advising me when I came to you for advice. I also want to thank the Assistant Directors for the welcoming and loving environment they create for my children.  You all make a fantastic team and WOW we are lucky! I have had experience with home daycare and center daycare other than Northern Virginia Academy and without a doubt I would recommend your center.  My family has had a truly wonderful time.

I also want to thank the Older 3’s teachers. My son has really thrived in their class and I am sad that my younger son is not old enough to be in their class! The lead teacher has had such a positive influence on my son.  When I have an issue at home with my son and I share it with the lead teacher she actually takes the time to talk with my son and improve his behavior!

My husband and I have recommended your centers to everyone who will listen and will continue to do so. Thank you for the effort and love you and your staff put into caring for my son.” –Parent at Landsdowne

“Thanks for being so good to my children these last many years.  Northern Virginia Academy has given them a great start to their schooling and we are most appreciative.”

What our parents are saying…..

I would like to share my story with other parents:

Our original plan was to stay home with our son (granted we were able to work different shifts); however, when he was born, the reality was completely different. We were overwhelmed! He would not take a bottle from anyone at home, he screamed what seemed like the entire time, would refuse a pacifier and had to be held and rocked for 40 minutes before going to sleep. Needless to say, we were exhausted (and, yes, we read every book and followed every recommendation on how to deal with the issues). This is when I decided to get help and contacted this day-care.

When we visited the campus we were very happy with how clean and well-organized this facility was and the staff was not only friendly, compassionate and loving but also with proper education and vast experience. And it spoke for itself: my son had no problem taking a bottle from the caregiver, slept well, and cried only when hungry or needed a diaper changed. We couldn’t believe it (still don’t know how they did it). I stopped unannounced many times, just to find my son either sound asleep, or drinking from a bottle or exploring in fascination various toys and trinkets (with the teacher by his side, of course).

Before my son turned 2 he was reciting the alphabet, singing most of the nursery rhymes, holding a pen properly – hitting and excelling at every milestone.  He loves going to school and I have a piece of mind when I go to work that he is not only taken great care of, but is learning something new every minute he is there. I love their daily curriculum of reading time, discussion circle, music in motion, play and outdoor activities, art projects, and Spanish classes (of which we already see the results) – to name a few.

We are currently expecting another baby and while I have an option to stay home with the kids, I choose to enroll them both in the Nova Early Learning because they do a wonderful job at taking great care of the kids, educating them, maintaining a schedule and providing the much needed interaction with other kids. I can’t thank the staff at Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning Center enough, they are truly amazing!

–K. Saba, Northern Virginia Academy, Lorton Campus parent


“What more can you ask for?  Fantastic teachers, safe environment, structured program, and welcoming atmosphere.  This place has it all!” (Infant parent)

-Landsdowne Parent

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