Northern Virginia Academy Child Care Curriculum

At Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning our educational programs are focused on individualized learning objectives for every child enrolled at any of our six campus locations. Our programs contain developmentally appropriate methods created to meet the unique needs of each child. We incorporate all aspects of your child’s day into our education programs. Infant and toddler education includes assignment to a Primary Care Team which will ensure one-on-one care and the comfort our younger one’s need through continuity and familiarity.

NoVA Infant and Toddler Program

Infant & Toddler Program

Our Infant & Toddler Program provides a nurturing atmosphere designed to meet each child’s unique needs. Each infant enrolled at Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning is assigned to a Primary Care Group which ensures the one-on-one attention and care infants deserve to thrive. This personal, nurturing process fosters a trusting relationship between the child and the Primary Care Group where the infant’s developmental needs set the day’s schedule. Our Toddler Program is designed for the child who wants to explore their world as they develop a sense of self. Soft play areas, indoor play equipment, and a variety of pull and push toys enable toddlers to discover and explore in a safe, fun, and exciting environment. Return to Top

Preschool Program NoVa Learning

Two-Year-Old Program

Our two-year-old program focuses on stimulating language, creativity, and cognitive skills along with  social and physical growth. A day-to-day schedule and weekly plan is created and shared with parents for these six areas.

Each day your child experiences creative play, story time, art, language development, music and movement along with other activities designed to promote all areas of development. Parents receive a daily report that outlines daily and creative activities, potty training progress, and disposition.

Parents also receive periodic assessment reports detailing their child’s progress through the major expected milestones of this period. Return to Top

Three-Year-Old Program

Designed to develop a natural and life long excitement for learning, our three year old students learn how to build early writing and literacy skills, engage in concrete mathematical experiences and learn how to make friends. This is done as the children listen to stories, re-tell events, and perform dramatic play with puppets and props. The teacher selects a weekly theme to develop these skills and sends home a copy of the lesson plan each week. We also provide creative, well-equipped classrooms, field trips and special events.

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Features of our Three Year Old Program

  •        Math
  •        Circle Time
  •        Spanish
  •        Table Manners
  •        Music and Movement
  •        Outside Play
  •        Computers
  •        Group Time

Montessori Program (Available at Burke Campus)

Our Montessori program is designed to assist children develop their potential in a warm and nurturing environment.  This educational practice embraces individualized instruction for mixed age groupings of students.  Children will utilize the Montessori equipment and curriculum to develop important life skills.  This program encourages children to explore their world through learning, to express themselves, think independently and play cooperatively. Our Montessori Program is exclusively available at our Burke campus and open to children ages 3 through 5.

2014 website 031Four Year-Old Program

In this program, your four-year-old child explores concepts in reading, math, and science as we continue to promote language and physical development. This hands-on approach to learning new skills is introduced through daily stories and games that teach your child math concepts, the alphabet, and phonic awareness.

Your child also gets to participate in field trips in the community. These trips enhance your child’s enjoyment of our weekly themes. We provide daily reports so you stay updated and involved in your child’s development.

Features of our Four Year Old Program

  • Literacy
  • Table Manners
  • Language
  • Music & Movement
  • Weekly Theme
  • Outside Play
  • Monthly Field Trips

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Before & After School Program

Our Before And After School Program is offered at our Ashburn and Burke campuses and is open to children ages five to twelve who attend elementary schools in the vicinity of these two campuses. Afternoon snacks are provided to all children. Our program presents a variety of activities to meet the child’s needs: outdoor play, table games, cooking activities, quiet time, arts and crafts and a supervised homework period. Field trips may be scheduled on extended days. Return to Top

School Age Summer Camp (Available at Burke and Ashburn)

The end of the year signals the beginning of our Summer Camp program. Presented in weekly thematic sessions, the children enjoy arts and crafts, music and movement, cooking, dramatic play, nature study, and field trips. Water Play is also offered during the camp. Return to Top


Sign Language

At Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning, we believe that from the moment babies are born, they start communicating with the world around them. For this reason, we have incorporated a sign language program for our Infants and Toddlers.  The purpose of sign language program is to enable infants and toddlers as young as 6-8 months to communicate before they can speak. Parents will be given basic information about the signs being taught and informed about their child’s progress.  We encourage parents to sign at home with their children.

Spanish Language

The second most widely spoken language in the United States is Spanish. Being exposed to a second language can be a benefit to your child as he or she grows.  Provide your child with a great start at Northern Virginia Academy.  We utilize “Trampoline Spanish” in our schools.  Children learn Spanish vocabulary words through songs, games and dance.  Return to Top

No matter what your child’s age or interest, we have a program designed for them. Contact us to learn more.    Enrollment application